Friday, November 19, 2010

Tasha Singing

October 30th 2010

NATS Recital


Thursday, November 18, 2010


As I was shopping today I noticed a Manager tell a Customer that they were not welcome back. They had stolen a shirt (they also put it on). The guy denied her allegation's. She told him that the camera's don't lie and that he was to stay out of her store.
The guy left and I started putting my stuff on the counter. I got all my coupons out and was ready to pay. I bought 7 hair products and 2 bags of chocolate. I handed her 7 coupons for the hair products, 2 coupons for the chocolate, $15 up rewards plus a $5/$25 coupon. She started ringing everything up and I started talking about how BRAINLESS this guy was. As she was scanning my coupons the 7th (hair)coupon beeped we counted the coupons and then counted the product everything seemed fine until we read the coupon and it clearly says $1/2 I felt embarrassed and wanted to hide. She was very nice and said that because the others scanned she would keep them I asked her to redo the transaction she said it was fine. I then said "It's Ironic that I was just talking about Brainless people" She let out a huge laugh.
I learned my lesson today. And I am sure I will keep learning this lesson from time to time after all I am only Human!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet 16!

16 Years of Pure Bliss!
Here are 16 facts about us.

1. We met on Monday Feb. 22nd 1993 @ Family Home Evening (Sam says we met on the 21st)(Long Story...made short...He had a Beard on the 21st...Clean shavin on the 22nd)

2. March 31st 1993 Our first "unofficial" date! I needed a ride to the Church Bookstore for my Talk the next Sunday and Sam offered to drive me there. We then stopped for Dinner and Talked allot!

3. April 4th 1993 He asked me out! And first Kiss (forehead)! This was during Conference...some people listen, sleep, or even cry during Conference. Sam kisses during Conference! (Don't worry we have too many kids in between us to be kissing during Conference now. )

4. April 15th 1993 He told me he loved me! I was shocked and in response asked him how he knew. He re-plied "I just know"

5. Sam Proposed August 11, 1993 I said "YES"

6. March 12, 1994 Married for Time and all Eternity @ 9:30 a.m. in the Idaho Falls Temple.

7. April 20th, 1995 our first child Tasha Hayward was born.
8. June 5th, 1996 Kyle joined our Family after Kyle was born a few days later I had complications and ended up in the emergency room in Pocatello. Sam drove down to be with us and take care of his family! (This is a long Story)
9. November 4th, 1997 Brandon Hayward was born.
10. December 1997 We purchased our Home.
11. 1999 Sam was in a terrible Car Accident. He suffered head trauma and has had severe headaches ever since. I was also pregnant with Cody and he was born October 1, 1999.

12. March 28th, 2002 Callie joined in on the fun.
13. July 12th, 2004 Andrew entered our life's and completed our Family.
14. We don't fight. (very often)
15. We go out every Weekend! Even if it's just for Ice Cream.

16. Everyday is like our first kiss! Unpredictable, sweet, lovely, and fulfilled!
Thank You for 16 Beautiful Years! And here's to Eternity.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roller Skating

Last Friday the kids School had a Family Roller Skating Night. We had a blast!

They had races which all my boys participated.

Cody's Race


Brandon's Race


Andrew's Race...Roller Derby here we come!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Leaky Roof

Today as I was wasting a way at the Computer I heard a sploosh. I looked around but saw nothing and went back to Computer mode when Splat another sound I noticed a spot on my floor and realized that our roof was leaking. Ugh! Because of where the leak was I decided to go up Stairs and check for leakage... Nothing. I went a picked up Sam early from work and when we got home he quickly diagnosed the problem and drew me a picture because of my not understanding how we can have a leak in the middle of our front room and have no leak in our bed room.

So I thought his drawing was quit amazing I have to share it with all of you!

I sure hope the wind and rain stop long enough for us to at least do a temporary fix

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girl Talk

Tuesday Morning Cody informed Callie that because Dad was working from Home, Andrew was staying home because he was sick and Cody was staying after School for Unicycling that She would get some girl talk with Mom. Callie was thrilled that's all they could talk about in the morning. So as School got out I was getting nervous....I didn't want to disappoint "girl talk" but I don't know how to talk girl talk. I mean what do you talk about? When your 7 to your friends? So when Callie got in the car I asked her if she was ready for some girl talk. She grinned so big and proceeded to let me know that in fact she was ready. So as we drive off, I ask Callie what are we supposed to talk about she said "girly stuff" I then gave her examples of things I thought were girly she would either smile and giggle or proceed to tell me I was off my rocker. I asked her if she liked any boys she said "yes" that she likes "The Jonas Brothers" I asked her if others at her school liked them as well she said, yes. I then told her one was married or getting married and she responded very seriously "their Real" I chuckled and said... of coarse they're real. I asked her another question (can't remember what the question was) and the response I got back was...Duh mom. I know 7 year olds think we know everything but we don't especially when it comes to the Jonas Brothers or kids in their class. We ended our girl talk with a nice Chocolate dipped cone from McDonalds. And let's just say I can't wait for our next girl talk date.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Spaghetti Factory

Celebrating 41 years!
Anniversary Dinners
Back by popular demand! Our guests enjoyed our 40th anniversary rollback events so much that we have decided to celebrate our 41st anniversary with
41% off our Pasta Classics on
January 12th & 13th!
Check out the Menu here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tasha's Recital


(Don't forget to stop my music)(Tasha at her Recital)

Tasha has been given many opportunities to share her voice this season.

She sang at the Festival of Nativities , sang a duet with Cody and myself for sacrament meeting,She sang in her School Chior, She also had a recital last Tuesday and has a song prepared for Sacrament meeting sometime in January.

Tasha loves to sing and I love it when she does!

Ward Christmas Party


(Turn off my music player, so you can hear them perform)

Last week we had our Ward Christmas Party

"Polar Express" Themed

We were all asked to come in our Pajamas and they fed us a scrumptious Breakfast Casserole! Yum!

It was such a fun evening they had some of the Children in the Ward play out parts of the Movie.

Cody and Regan sang a duet, which I must say turned out way cute.


Tasha was asked to sing Believe.

She amazes me with how her voice has and is blossoming. What a gift she has been given!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm having a House Party!

Fun, Fit and Guilt-Free House Party
sponsored by Your Shape and MOUSSE TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O

Saturday, January 09, 2010 7 p.m.

We will Sample Mousse Temptations and Try out the new Your Shape WII game.

There will be Goodies to handout plus Coupons.

If you would like to come leave a message and I will get in touch with you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The past few weeks we have been going from room to room de-cluttering and cleaning. Yesterday we started on Tasha and Callie's room (that one might take a week!)
As we were organizing piles of papers I found a few notes and essay that lightened my mood.

I have a heart
A heart full of good things in my life
Like Beautiful things.
(She drew a heart and wrote ...)Family, Brothers, Sister, Friends, Grandparents, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Aunts and Uncles.
My favorite songs are...
1) Beans the magical fruit.
2) High School Musical Songs
3) Greece songs
My most Favorite song...
Jesus take the Wheel.
Essay...March 23, 2008
Woman of Distinction
The Woman of distinction I am writing about is my mom. Her name is Cindy Hayward. There are a few things about my mom I admire. For one she takes care of me and my family. My mom is wonderful, she is always making sure I wake up everyday to go to school. My mom also makes lunch for me when I am ready for school so that I don't have to do it when I wake up. She is always taking me where I need to go. My mom is also making sure I do my homework, and if I need help she is always doing her best to help me to understand. But my mom also has a great sense of humor. My mom is always making me laugh. My mom may not tell good jokes. But I lover her anyways. My mom is always making sure we are happy and laughing. The things my mom does is what makes her special and likable. I think the whole reason my mom developed the joking trait was because she has six kids. My mom takes care of everyone there are eight people in my family including me. Out of the eight people in my family I think my mom works the hardest. She does everything she can for her kids. My mom takes care of all of us and she cooks great food. My mom is such a good cook, that every time I eat her food it reminds me of the food you get when you go out to eat. But my doesn't just make good food she makes sure that the food we eat is healthy and good at the same time. There is always fruits and vegetables on the table and in the house. But there is occasionally a sweet treat to eat as a snack. My mom's best meal is stroganoff. She puts it on noodles or rice,and on either one it tastes wonderful. She makes the sauce and cooks it basically by herself. All of her food is the best I had ever tasted. I especially look forward to when she makes cakes for our birthday. There are most likely better cooks out there then her, but I love her cooking.She may be a wonderful cook but she also stays home all day. Staying home all day means a lot of cleaning and working. My mom works twenty four hours a day seven days a week. She is what I would call Cinderella. You know cooking and cleaning for everyone with no break. The kind that makes you feel bad for that person.She works all day and almost never gets a break. But somehow my mom finds a way to go shopping, work out, and care for her children in her day. My mom is the most amazing person I have ever met or known in my lifetime. In conclusion, I love my mom and I admire her very, very much. She does everything and more a person can do. I hope that when I grow up I will live to be just like her. She is my role model, and I hope that I'll be able to be my kid's role model and have them love me the same way I love and admire my mom. I love that I got the opportunity to enter this contest, because I can show everyone the wonderful things about my mom. Now you can see why I chose my mom as my Woman of Distinction. I wish you will be able to see that my mom is wonderful, and feel the same way I do about my mom.I hope you will be able to see the things that make my mom special by reading this essay. I love my mom and I hope she will get noticed by her wonderfulness.
Written by: Tasha Hayward
What a wonderful Daughter I have been given to raise!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Phone

Monday morning I decided to ask my kids what foods their Grandparents like to eat and they couldn't tell me. So, I decided for Family Home Evening we would talk about our Grandparents. I had the kids ask Sam questions about his parents and then we called their living Grandparents. We put them on speaker phone and all took turns asking questions ranging from what's your favorite color to what is your favorite family story. We had a fabulous time and learned a lot about who we are and where we came from. It was a nice bonding moment even though we are miles and miles apart.
A few weeks ago I started my Morning by taking Tasha to Seminary. I came back home made sure the other kids were awake and getting ready for School. Took Sam to the Train Station and then proceeded back to the Church to pick up Tasha and then off to School we went. As I turned onto our street I noticed two cop cars on our Street (one parked right in front of my home) As I drove up they just nodded at me like nothing happened. As I walked in my home I was flooded by explanations on why the Cop cars were parked out front. "Cody, Called 9111"!(Yes, that's right. He thought if he dialed one more 1 it wouldn't call 911.) "We were playing a card game and Andrew was cheating."Yelled one of the kids. The real reasoning for calling 911 was Andrew was eating Rice Crispy Treats without asking and Cody decided to parent letting him know that he was stealing and if he continued he would call 911 and then the cops would come and take him to jail. The cops did come to the door and asked if everything was o.k. they just replied my Brother accidentally called. They told them not to play with the phone and asked a few more questions and then let them shut the door. I was surprised that they never came and talked to me. However, I went out and talked to them. They were very sweet and understanding.
So when all the DRAMA had settled I asked them what the Cops said to Andrew Stealing. They replied "We were to scared to tell them." I sat them down and explained that Andrew wouldn't have gone to Jail and that playing with 911 could be taking help from those who really need it. I now take the kids with me in the morning :) Sam gets them up at 6a.m.!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Saturday we had Bake Potatoes for Dinner and of Coarse we had 4 left over.
Bake Potatoes aren't always the easiest to re-invent how ever we did it!

Home Fries!!! with home made Fry Sauce of coarse!

And since the oil was hot and we had a can of biscuits...
Doughnuts were the perfect Dessert for Dinner.

Powder Sugar! The perfect topping!

What are some ways you re-invent leftovers?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

Last Wednesday was filled with firsts...
Andrew had his First day of Kindergarten!
(All day Kindergarten)

When I picked the kids up from School he immediately opened his lunch box and chugged down his Juice box and then proceeded to eat his sandwich. I asked him what he ate for Lunch he replied,"My Cheetos!"
The next day he made progress and ate his chips and yo go's.
Today he finally ate most his sandwich and a few other lunch items that were packed in his lunch. I think he is finally getting in the swing of things!

Callie had two weeks of outfits picked out and dated for their appearance.

She is loving 2nd Grade and feeling so grown up!

What a Rock Star!

Cody Started the 4th Grade!


What happened to my Little Toad?

What a cute little bunch of Kids!

Brandon Started Middle School this Year!
6th Grade

I had reservations on sending him to Stewart but when we tried to switch Schools the other Schools we wanted were filled to the rim.
So we gave Brandon the choice of going to Stewart or Home Schooling until we could get him into another School. He didn't want anything to do with his Mother and chose Stewart instead.

Tasha, Started High School!!!!

Watch out Boys!
She is taking sign language this year as well as Choir.
We are Proud Parents of a High School Student!

Kyle also Started School last Wednesday in CO.
He has already made a few friends from his new Ward and a few of them are in some of his classes at School! I am so excited for him!
And yet my heart Strings ache to hold him and Love him!

These pictures were taken on Tuesday last week.
This is Kyle's New Home for the School Year.
Thank You! Kevin and Becky!

It's really nice on the inside as well!
Kyle is so very Lucky to be living in such a nice home!
I know this is a week late.
But sometimes Life gets in the way.
Proud Parents of Great Kids!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had a few of you wondering how and why I bought 300 powerades. First with the how... I was reading a pinching your pennies forum on how others were purchasing high quantities of powerade and a bigger discount was implied. The Powerade was on sale for $0.50 for every 15 you buy however, when you bought 300 it ended up under $0.20 each. My husband drinks this stuff like crazy! I decided to go down to my local Albertson's and try this for myself. I asked them to ring in 300 powerades to see what my total would be and sure enough my total ended up being $58 Yahoo! They then took down my order and told me it would be in that next Tuesday. And now I have powerade that hopefully will last us until next year.